Thursday, June 3, 2010

Making memories...

Lately I have been spending a lot of my time thinking about making memories. Having 3 little ones has slowed me down some (also, only having 1 car!) but in the past and sometimes still today when we get bored or just want to get out we go and we spend money we don't really need to spend on stuff we don't really need to be bringing home! Usually we don't even really need anything. Yet its funny how we still find plates because they are on shirts for the boys though they aren't having a t-shirt shortage by any means...mixing bowls because they are cute with polka dots...another nail polish in blue (?) because its pretty... even though I always go back to my old faithful shade of pink and I don't really even want blue toe nails!

Now I am not against shopping...its just that we were shopping out of boredom, so now I have decided to be more mindful of my purchases. I started to notice we didn't always end up even using the stuff we were buying. Or the kids would forget about the new toys they just got and would want the next new thing.

I am actually getting a lot better about paying attention to what I put in the cart and I have this quote inside a notebook in my purse, which sometimes I need to reread for a good reminder:

"Buy only what you love. Really, truly, madly, deeply love! Don't settle for 'like'. Acquire what feels so very right deep down inside-be it fashion or home design. Stick to this credo and you won't have any regretful purchases."-via Lonny Magazine

It sounds silly, but sometimes I even make lists of purchases I have bought that have proven to be very useful and then I list some items we have bought that were just wastes of money. The next time I go to buy something I think about whether I will really end up using the item.

So one of my goals for this summer is to just live and enjoy my boys...I am thinking less trips to Target and more trips to the park. Less drive thru trips and more backyard bbqs. Less time browsing online and more time rolling around the ground and hiding in forts.

As much as I love Target and as much as I do love finding fun, unique and even practical items online I want to start spending less time feeding that desire to acquire and take more time to nourish that part of me that knows less is more.

Here's to making memories!

*Anyone else struggle with finding balance with this one?

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