Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Keeping busy...

Didn't have a car so we walked to Target....quite an adventure but at least we got the dish soap we needed to clean!

Sorting through Easter treats!

Isaac watching Daddy put together the swing set for the big brothers!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tell me the story of Jesus...

I have been slowly gathering things for the Easter baskets for my sweet boys. Besides the obvious sugary goodies they will be getting, I really wanted to include Bible books for each of them, something they could relate to on their own level. After searching through lots of books on Amazon, I decided on these 3:

For Isaac, though he doesn't quite appreciate reading yet, its never too soon to start and soon enough he will actually enjoy the stories! Also, lots of the books had really awful art, but I really liked the artwork in this book.

For mister Colby...this one seemed to be a good match for his reading skills, I am looking forward to hearing him read some stories to me!

And last but not least, a rhyme Bible for my little Micah. He has been asking lots of questions about God lately and I love that we will be able to read some rhyming stories about God and His people together!

I can't wait to put all the baskets together. What a wonderful celebration of Jesus, His love, and the LIFE He gives us! What goodies are going into your baskets this year?

Sunday, March 21, 2010


*images via Country Living

Really. It's not my fault...I just can not help myself! I am loving that spring is officially here and I am still loving the London of Liberty line at Target (what?! It's only been a week!).

So far my little collection is growing and I couldn't be happier about it. I am usually very strict with what I will buy for myself and my home, but they did such a great job with everything I haven't had many reasons to say 'no' to anything...

I still want the bike...only now it is sold out :(

In other Wilson news...Colby was God's Amazing Person at school all last week, Micah agreed he wanted his hair cut (?!), and Isaac is now a member of the babies that have teeth club. :) Billy bought a nectarine tree and I bought some gorgeous ranunculus plants (which Isaac pulled the best bloom off of).

*my sweet little blossom I found Isaac trying to eat!

Hope your weekend was lovely and full of florally goodness!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

One week ago...

one week ago my baby boy turned 7 months old! I am really trying to remember to enjoy every passing moment because it all goes by way too fast!

At the start of his 7 month, Isaac is: sitting up like a big boy, continuing eating baby food and rice cereal, he loves biter biscuits, he LOVES to pinch...I call him my pincher bug because he is constantly pinching me and anyone else that dare hold him. I'm not sure why, I hope he stops because it hurts like you wouldn't believe! He blows raspberries, rolls all around, and can get anywhere fast! He hates to be put in his playpen or his crib and he still sleeps with mom and dad. He likes to cup my face with his chubby hands and his favorite thing to play with right now is still Sophie his giraffe and his wooden spoon. He laughs and smiles and "sings" little cooing songs all the time. He is also obsessed with his tongue and sticking it out at everyone that passes him.

One of Isaac's favorite things to do is jump. He jumps ALL the time when you are holding him he just likes to bounce...if you stand him up on the ground, same thing! It's so funny, but it makes my arms so tired! This boy likes to give my muscles a work out all day!

His favorite person is still mommy (though I know with boys how quickly it changes to daddy! So I am soaking up my mommy-baby time!). He will not go to anyone but mommy and if daddy or someone tries to come over and take him he turns into me and grasps as hard as he can to me to make sure no one pulls him away! He love watching his big brothers play and he sleeps mostly through the night but still nurses at least 3 times during our sleep. He also knows his name and will turn to you if you call him. Such a smart boy!

Happy 7 months Isaac!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

It's Here!

I haven't been this excited for a Target line since Dwellstudio created for them, so I am happy to announce that Liberty of London launched at Target today.

I stalked the Target web site last night starting around 9 pm (I thought since it would be 12 am on the East Coast, but no such luck!). Finally at 12:31 the Liberty of London portion of Target went live. SO many products were already sold out but I managed to get 2 dresses and 2 pairs of rain boots. And the insanity only continued.

I was at our local Target when the doors opened and after one more trip later in the afternoon I am now the proud owner of: both wallet clutches, a tote bag, another brilliantly patterned maxi dress, the robe, gardening gloves, a cute planting pot, 6 picture frames, a pillow, a set of file folders and 3 storage totes.

All the floral prints are so cheerful, I must say I am so ready for spring!

Anyone else pick up anything??? I would really love to see the bike in person, it looks gorgeous! I would love to know what your favorite piece from the collection is. I hope those of you with girls picked up some of the sweet cotton sundresses! I think Target has themselves another successful collaboration!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I still can't believe February has come and gone and we are over a week into March! Spring is coming! I LOVE these pictures...God does such amazing work. (flickr)

On another note, Isaac's electric blue metallic baby booties came in and they are gorgeous! They are unbelievably soft and as soon as this little guy starts walking, on his feet they will go!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

her voice... so sweet, could listen to it all day.

Saturday, March 6, 2010


boy, n: a noise with dirt on it

*How blessed am I to have been given 3 noises with dirt on them? :) Though I think boy should be an action verb instead of a noun! Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!

Monday, March 1, 2010


I really don't plan on writing all about strollers on my blog! It's just that the jogger stroller we ordered to replace our beloved Graco that was stolen came in do not like it...SO yesterday after church, we went back to Target hoping for some reason they would be magically selling our old stroller again.

No such luck. :(

SO. Now we are going to give this bad boy a try. It is one of those strollers that the back seat converts so the child can stand as well (for those toddlers who like to jump in and out like Micah).

Target has is in black/grey but I found brown/blue at Walmart...It reminded me of our old stroller, so I went with that the price was "rolledback". Whoa. Look out! :) Now please, let's just be done with strollers!

*on a side note, I did realize that jogger strollers push like a dream compared to their plastic wheeled counterparts, however I just felt really silly pushing it around Target because of it's width and the seats are really slouchy :(