Monday, September 27, 2010

broken record.

so I know I keep saying this but really...can life just slow down for even ONE minute?! We have so much going on right now I'm not even sure where to start! Colby and I got sick (again). We should win some type of medal the way we've had the flu around here!

In happier news a few weeks back I had the honor of snapping a few photos of Meagan and her sweet little girl. Aren't they beautiful?! I am NO photographer, but I was happy Meagan humored me because she and her little one made for beautiful models! And yes. They are both wearing their hair pretties!

I also received these photos in my inbox taken by the talented enluce photographers! Natalie was a beautiful bride and she even wore a hair pretty too! LOVE! I may have looked at her pictures a million times already! Congratulations Natalie!!!

And in other news we are getting ready to launch our site for Different By Design. We did some studio work with Gary Roberts for the site and I can't wait to get some edited pictures but here is a raw image for fun :)

Gary was even kind enough to snap a picture of my little sister in a limited edition hair pretty and sweet baby Isaac running wild in his black sheep costume! Thanks Gary!!!

SO. Life has been keeping us busy to say the least :) Hope everyone is alive and well!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Yesterday we celebrated 2 years of marriage...I must say being married is hard work..but it is so worth it! My mom was kind enough to keep all 3 of our little bandit boys so we could escape for a dinner date. Later this week we will continue celebrating where we spent our first mini honeymoon... in San Francisco. I LOVE that city!

Tradition has it that the second anniversary is the cotton anniversary. I had these fern animals custom made by the talented Ashley Anna Brown...they make me so happy! I had the Liberty of London fabric imported for mine and then picked a vintage brown gingham for Billy. She stitched our monogram and wedding dates on the backside. They are too cute for words!

I got Billy a new 49ers hat (hey..its cotton and he had bought one on our honeymoon but that one is pretty beat up now) and Billy sewed me this little banner and even embroidered I love you under the heart! I love him :)

I cut 4 inches off my hair and it feels great! Had to celebrate with a hair pretty. We took a quick picture and then we were off! It was a fun night. Happy Anniversary Billy! I love you!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

one. and some change.

When my sweet baby boy turned one last month, I decided to get him a special little keepsake present apart from his other gifts we got him. Billy says its not a present for Isaac...he says it was a present for me, but its not..honest!

Ever since I was pregnant for the first time (almost 8 years ago) I used to sing "Baby of Mine" to my babies...I have LOVED that song for as long as I can remember and I cry every time Dumbo's mom sings it to elephants have a special place in my heart. I love now that Colby and Micah are grown some they will actually sing "Baby of Mine" to Isaac when they are trying to "help" me put him down for a nap.

So mix my love of elephants with my love for all things vintage (which this is not, but it certainly has that look) and behold Isaac's little keepsake gift to commemorate his first year of life:

I wrote a little note to my baby on this letter pressed card and for now it will be tucked away inside his baby book.. I am so blessed to be his mama and have the honor of watching him grow...I am really treasuring these moments...because I know it will all go by so fast and soon enough he'll be able to read the sweet memories I recorded for him inside!

Friday, September 10, 2010

proud to announce..

we finally wrapped up some design work we did for a wonderful local photographer. You can read about what went in behind the making of the logo over here.

I love so many things about her new logo but my favorite thing is that the birds are composed of the thumb prints of her two adorable children.

And a new blog can follow her blog right here.

*old blog header

*new blog header

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


*boys in long sleeved jammies also has me looking forward to fall!

Today it felt like fall for the first time in a long time! I wish I could have enjoyed it more! I ended up in bed with a headache but I have slowly been coming to...thank know with 3 boys and a husband I can't stay out for too long!

I am looking forward to our 2 year wedding anniversary...and the pumpkin soups and warm bread...putting the quilt back on our bed...Thanksgiving meals...and the holidays! What are you looking forward to?

Thursday, September 2, 2010


It feels like life has been going by so fast lately! I wish I had a little timeout button! Isaac has been going nonstop, you'd think he'd come out of the womb walking :) Poor little Micah has been sick for a month and a half :( and Colby is just so grown up in the 2nd grade!

Billy's corporate America job has always kept him busy, but we've been designing away together too, which I can't wait till we are able to do full time!!! We are preparing to launch our web site and have a really fun photo shoot scheduled with a great photographer in Sacramento that is all part of the top secret web design :)

In the mean while, we had pictures taken of our three little love bandits by the very talented Jessica Cole. And we've had the honor of working with Meg of Captured Images on some secret projects!

Hair Pretties is keeping me busier than I could have thought but I truthfully love every minute of it!!! I even received an email today from a fabulous store interested in carrying them, which had Billy and I both smiling ear to ear...we LOVE this store! Above are some photos I took of new pretties...I love how unique and different they are! The limited editions completely sold out in 3 days, with the exception of one!

SO. Enough blabbering! Anyone else feel like life is just going by at an extra fast speed right now? :)