Sunday, May 30, 2010

Remember When...

remember when it was okay to be pasty white and one piece bathing suits were flirty instead of frumpy? Yeah...I don't remember it either. But when I saw this bathing suit on sale for $14.99 from $88 at Urban Outfitters I thought it was worth trying to bring back pastey girls in one pieces! Wish me luck!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

For Love of You

You live in a million places
Your fingerprints can be seen on a million faces
and there's a trace of You
in every alleluia
every song that I sing

for love of You
i'm a sky on fire
because of You
i come alive
it's Your Sacred Heart within me beating
Your voice within me singing
(out for love of You)

it's all for you

You are the highway i travel
cause i watched You carve streets of gold
from sin and gravel
i gave You brokenness
You gave me innocence
and now this road leads to glory

You are my deepest longing
so i see You everywhere
it's You i'm chasing after
cause i am captivated by who You are
and how You move
i'll follow You forever
for love of You

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Zebi Baby

I discovered a new California based baby company named Zebi Baby. I really like the muted color palette they used on their baby items so I ordered some bibdanas and some burp cloths since I figured you can never have too many of those. The burp cloths arrived in this really cute bucket and everything is super soft, and I love that they are made right here in good ol' California.

Here's my mister miley boy making his stinky face at me in his elephants bib.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend! Billy was supposed to have this weekend off but he already went in today and is going in again tomorrow. Thankfully he has been going in super early so he is getting off early but then he is all tired and its so silly because these are his days off. *deep breath* Thankfully this too shall pass and we still had a great night at church. God is so good!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Billy!

Tomorrow is my husband's 29th birthday.

7 years ago on this day he came through my teller line purchasing lots of alcohol (I had just started working at Sam's Club and Billy also worked there in a different department). haha. I remember I thought he didn't look old enough to be purchasing it and he started talking to me telling about this party he was going to have at his house after a show his band was playing in and how I should come by because it was also his birthday.

If you know me then you know a) I had never been to a party in my life and b) I can be very shy. As he went to pay he said, "So, do you think you'll come?" So I just told him point blank "No." I didn't even say I would think about it because I knew I would feel so awkward and out of place and I had never even drank anything but a sip of a wine cooler before and it would just be weird...

"Well, I'm going to tell you where I live anyways," he said. And so he did.

"Well...if I go do I have to bring you a present?" I asked him. Hey, where I come from, someone invites you to their birthday you don't come empty handed.

"No...just come and that will be my present." Oh Billy you little sweet talker.

So guess what happened? I went. I had my little sister Tamiko watch Colby so I could drop by and say hi. And it was totally awkward and so I left right away. I couldn't remember Billy's name and so when I walked up to the house I couldn't even say who I was looking for and this guy (Bobby) says to me, "Hey, who are you looking for?" So I just said, "Oh I work with this guy at Sam's Club..." And he was like "Oh Billy, yeah, he's taking stuff down at the show but he'll be here any minute."

I almost left then because I mean I really had never ever been to a party. I was in panic mode (yes, I am a dork) because people were...well..crazy! So finally Billy showed up and so I asked him to walk me out to my car because it was already late and I never left Colby unless I had to go to work and so Billy walked me to my car where I gave him the gift I bought him and was not brave enough to bring up to his house when I showed up and a bunch of people were standing around outside and they looked my mother would not want me to hang out with.

I didn't even know Billy so I had just went to the mall and bought him a shirt and a ton of candy. And it just made him fall in love with me all the more. haha! :) Oh Billy, you know its true!

And then I went back home to my little studio apartment to cuddle with my sweet 4 month old baby boy and the rest is history.
A few weeks later Billy invited me to one of his band's shows and then a week or so after that he invited me to a movie...and then I finally let him meet Colby and I kid you not those two became best friends the moment they met.

And so now here we are 7 years later with two more boys to share our lives with....and he isn't just the boy with crazy tiger striped hair from the meat department. He's my husband and the only father Colby has ever known...all because the little flirt came through my teller line :)

Happy Birthday Billy! I thought you were old when I checked your id and saw you were turning 22. I guess that makes you ancient now! :) I love you and I hope you have a great day!!!

*billy wearing the shirt I bought him for his birthday at the bbq at his house where he met Colby for the first time

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

m is for...

mother's day...and apparently migraines. :(

Sunday morning we went to church and then Billy arranged it so we could go completely child free to Cool Hand Luke's. I don't think we have done that since our 1 year anniversary last September! We almost always at least take the lil guy with us...

After lunch we headed of to Roseville where Billy had bought tickets online for us to go see Babies. It was SO cute. I mean, there was absolutely no point to the movie (which usually bugs me in movies) but who doesn't love babies?! I thought that was very thoughtful of Billy to work it all out with my little sister so we could enjoy most of the day without the boys, plus the boys had a lot of fun hanging out with their uncles and aunts, so a good time was had by all.

True to tradition Billy created 2 more pages and added them to my scrapbook. I can't believe we have 3 boys to document now!!! Crazy! They all made the sweetest cards too...I should learn how to scan so I can scan them in. haha! And Billy picked a ton of flowers from outside and had them arranged so sweetly underneath this banner he made and had hanging over the table.

I took it down for a picture:


The night ended with Isaac poking me in the eye which led to a headache which turned into a full blown migraine. Awe the glamorous life of a mom! I spent all day in Monday in bed sick to my stomach on top of the migraine. Not fun at all. Thank God I am slowly coming around....I hate days like that!

SO what did everyone else do for Mother's Day?! I hope everyone felt very blessed! Being a mommy is one of the best callings, isn't it? :)

Friday, May 7, 2010

Some Kind of Wonderful.

I love innovative companies like Daily was how I discovered Sue Jean Rim, a fabulous illustrator who's work I loved after seeing it all over the daily candy site as well as she did all the illustrations for the Target registry guide when Billy and I were getting married, and she even did some adorable work for Tiffany & Co. After admiring the illustrations on the Swirl by Daily Candy web site for far too long I finally decided to track down the illustrator because I knew it wasn't Sue Jean Rim's style...So I am happy to announce (thanks to Daily Candy) I have another favorite illustrator to add to my list! She goes under the name of Miss Capricho and let me say, I find her work so captivating!

I would kill to have artistic talents like that! I pray that Billy passed his on to our children. He is actually an exceptional illustrator, he just isn't a he doesn't think along the lines of this type of art work and he really doesn't ever draw anything cute. :( But he can draw comic book characters and life like illustrations like no one's business and I hate when he is gone...because then the kids want to know why I can't draw Spider Man like dad....

My mom is an amazing artist too. She just never uses those talents any more...which actually makes me kind of sad. I think between raising 7 children and working full time she stopped finding the time to nourish that creative part of her... Maybe I can get her to make me some Miss Capricho-esque art...I'll keep my fingers crossed! I think I might need to add some art supplies to her Mother's Day gift!

A few of my favorites:

and a kitty for good measure

Hope everyone has a fabulous Mother's Day weekend. And a happy mother's day to all my mama friends as well! And remember to nurture that creative side of you too! We ALL have a creative side...I love that part in the movie The Notebook when Ally says to her fiance, "I don't paint anymore.." and he replies, "So paint!" :)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


who would have thought I would have made it to 101 posts?!?! If I had readers, I might actually do a giveaway! ha ha!

So. Baby boy has a fever but he was the sweetest thing all night and so good. Just wide awake and a bit of a wiggle worm. Not so sweet this morning trying to function on 0 sleep with 3 boys (Colbs stayed home today) and Billy gone for 12 hours...BUT we are making it!

Thank God Billy is back now and so my arms are finally free! I love my boys to pieces but sometimes you need a break. Even if its to blog about nothing for 5 minutes. :)

I can't believe we are already half way through this week and Mothers' Day is right around the corner! I already got my gift but I am still excited for Billy to actually have this Mothers' Day off to spend as a family.

In totally unrelated news, did you know Martha Stewart used to be a model? Serious! I saw it on Forever 21's facebook page (don't ask) where they linked the article from the Tory Burch web page.

And if I do say so myself, Martha was quite the foxy lady.

So not a whole lot happening over here...I thought these totes were fun so I ordered a couple to use instead of plastic bags...

How we found Micah in the middle of the night-he was playing in the dark and had changed into his spidey suit...and my sweet little baby before he got sick...

Okay. My break is over!

Saturday, May 1, 2010


surprisingly, despite my bad attitude Friday, this weekend is turning out to be productive and I hope it continues that way!

I let Colby and Micah spend the night at my mom's house yesterday and though I literally laid in bed missing them at 2 am, it was very nice to wake up to only 1 little person today instead of 3!

Billy worked all through the night, so when he came home I took Isaac out so he could sleep in peace.

We made a little trip to Target where I saw the new Cynthia Vincent for Target line had debuted. I picked up a couple pairs of the gladiator sandals. These are so comfortable I wore a pair to church tonight. :)

My favorite pair is the brown which sadly was not at our Target, and I had it in my shopping cart online before church, came home after church, went to check out- and just like that they were gone! Though they aren't sold out completely online, just in the size I needed:(

We also visited Rimpy, my eye brow threader. I think threading is SO neat. It just gives such a clean look compared to waxing...though it is not for the weak! I think it is a bit of a tortuous feeling, but I just love the results too much, so I am learning to just deal with that really doesn't last too long.

And to make the day even better, we had another thought evoking service at church PLUS my mother's day gift arrived this morning! Billy let me go ahead and open it and so far we have taken 5 pictures. The boys think it is so neat and I love that one day they will have a box of these to go through when they are older. I love looking at my mom and dad's old polaroids...ok...maybe not the ones of my dad's afro and daisy dukes, but hey...they are still fun memories!

*please excuse my little makeup free head. we were just really excited to test out the fuji instax!

Hope your weekend is going good to! I am so glad I am getting out of the mood I had been in. Feeling burnt out is no fun and I'm glad I am feeling rejuvenated!