Wednesday, November 24, 2010

saving up.

I still have a few months till Billy's birthday is here, but I thought I'd do a limited edition hair pretties sale on Black Friday to start saving up...truthfully I really don't care for Black Friday...I'm more of a Cyber Monday kinda girl I guess :) BUT I'll keep my fingers crossed...this will only be the second time I've offered them and last time they completely sold out in 2 days! I don't even think I got to keep one for myself :) But my little sister does have quite the collection...:)

Thursday, November 18, 2010


*photo taken by my good friend Jessica Harker back in the day..we were both maybe 20 years old at the time

Lately I have been crazy tired....dark circles under my eyes and crabiness towards my kiddos. I decided that something would have to change. I haven't gotten it all figured out, but I do know that changes are coming and I've told Billy to be prepared! :) The idea of minimalizing has always intrigued me and I've felt that tug to simplify more strongly since I became pregnant with Isaac.

Before it seemed I wanted to go out and buy buy buy..maybe it was because he was the 3rd boy, I don't know why, but I really just wanted the bare necessities with him :) I think I registered for 15 things at Target and that was it. I didn't want anything more! Well, besides minimalizing with Isaac's belongings, I think its time to cut down in the Wilson family all around. Not just with physical possessions, but with our commitments as well.

I'm slowly mapping out my plan and making little changes now, but I think we will really kick off strong starting the new year. Wish us well!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

my micah boy.

Happy 4th Birthday to one of the loves of my life. I love you with all my heart mister Micah "mew" Wilson! At the ending of the age 3, start of your 4th year you:

are still a cuddle bug

are obsessed with Harley Quinn

like to watch Nemo and all 3 of the Toy Stories

still sneak Colby' special stuff off the top of his dresser

are very helpful with Isaac

will only wear the 3 same shirts over and over (they all have spiderman on them)

love to play with Legos

loves "little big planet" on the ps3

can spend a whole night away at Grandma's without crying to come home

LOVE Sunday School and loved being in VBS over the summer

are a picky eater

still love your milk...whole..skim..2 love it!

You are so smart and observant I love every little thing about you. Happy Birthday baby boy!!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


One day while I was pregnant with sweet Isaac, I google searched something along the lines of 'beachy baby showers' and managed to come across some beautiful images that linked me over to the work of the ever so talented Meg Fish.

While I love and respect the different types of photography, I must say Meg's work is especially inspiring to me because of this key element: simplicity! I love me a good prop, I do, but there is just something so elegant and understated about her photographs and the lack of overpowering colors or extras. You have no choice but to focus on the subject and there is nothing to distract from the natural beauty she captures in the fleeting moments of pregnancy, infancy, and motherhood. I love every picture she takes, they quite literally take my breath away!

So, to say I was honored to see her feature hair pretties on her site does not quite do my feelings justice. I am so in love with these pictures of her beautiful daughter Ella. Thank you for the shout out Meg! I hope you too will become a daily follower of her blog.

Meg requested the *santa baby* with a white band and I created the nude/peach flower on the stormy grey band just for baby Ella. I have been getting lots of requests for it now, so I am so happy everyone has liked it :)

So its past my bedtime..I was actually sleeping but awoke and was unable to get back to here I am..catching up on blogs, including updating my own! :)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

late night blogger

soooo should be sleeping right now! but sadly Isaac just fell asleep and so I need a little quiet time to unwind...poor little guy has been so fussy lately, I think he may be cutting in some new teeth.

Other than holding him 24-7 we've been working on some design jobs which are always a fun challenge. We'd love if you'd come by our site and say hi!

I have been working on getting the hair pretties collaboration pieces ready and here's just a little peek at the sweet bobby pins featuring the beautiful hand crocheting flowers lovingly made by my adorable Grandma.

Been doing lots of reading lately too...mostly on simplifying life....its funny how easy it is to let life get cluttered with things that don't matter....spiritually, emotionally, mentally...physically...! It can be draining and sometimes its so nice to purge ourselves of old things that no longer hold any value or meaning.

So there you go...the mindless rambles of a tired mama!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I have been in love with areaware's kimono onesies since I first spotted them years ago in a copy of my Cookie magazine. I love the balance between being sophisticated (eco friendly, simple background, kimono cut) with playfulness (brightly colored, screen printed animals). I desperately wanted the sea turtle onesie for Isaac but never ended up ordering one.

WELL. It might not fit my little fatty now, but I couldn't resist it when it went on sale at Gilt this week. I picked up the elephant onesie as well and stocked up on some brightly colored pillows for the boys' room. I love the high contrast prints and I'm sure the boys will too :)

Monday, November 1, 2010

virtual ribbon cutting

Our web site went live today. Still more to do, but I feel so much better that it is up now!

So...I feel like we should celebrate in some way...bring out the sparkling apple cider :)