Friday, June 18, 2010

sorry for the lack of posts...

life took a different turn after we went to my brother in law's football game the past Saturday and ended up being attacked my gang members. Kid you not. One (the male) was arrested, immediately released, but given a court date. The girl walked right past 3 officers and though we were able to find out her name the police to date do not have her in custody but when I checked Wednesday I was told they would have the DA issue a warrant for her arrest.

Craziness. I don't know how a night of "family fun" turned into all this! I contacted the Pacific Coast Football League and am happy to announce today they wrote me back and said that the California Panther's are no longer apart of their league and that Ramirez (one of their players with the gang affiliations) is banned for life from the league. That was the best news I had heard all week, especially since 3 of the 4 officers we have been dealing with were less than professional and it felt like they weren't going to do a thing.

So. Forgive me for my lack of posts. Hopefully I still have Melissa, my faithful reader. :) Just been busy with a doctors appointment to make sure my eye was not scratched when I was punched in the face and keeping up with checking in on our case so that it isn't forgotten...spending time with my sweet niece and even managing to finally get in our spring turned summer mini turned major shoot with the lovely Josiah Michael.

Now that things are winding down I hope to get back to more normal postings :)


Jacklyn and the Johnson Boys said...

I'm so sorry you guys had such yuckiness happen to you!! On the other hand I'm happy you are all ok, and happy you are back ( I missed you for a few days) and happy you guys had a shoot...I WANT TO SEE MORE!! And finally I love that Melissa got a shout out on you blog...I SERIOUSLY feel like you two are the only readers out there!! Happy Weekend Friend!

Erin said...

Oh, I wish that was a bad joke! How horrible!

emily said... i can't believe this happened to ya'll---were your boys there too?

people are so ridiculous. glad ya'll are okay!