Monday, March 1, 2010


I really don't plan on writing all about strollers on my blog! It's just that the jogger stroller we ordered to replace our beloved Graco that was stolen came in do not like it...SO yesterday after church, we went back to Target hoping for some reason they would be magically selling our old stroller again.

No such luck. :(

SO. Now we are going to give this bad boy a try. It is one of those strollers that the back seat converts so the child can stand as well (for those toddlers who like to jump in and out like Micah).

Target has is in black/grey but I found brown/blue at Walmart...It reminded me of our old stroller, so I went with that the price was "rolledback". Whoa. Look out! :) Now please, let's just be done with strollers!

*on a side note, I did realize that jogger strollers push like a dream compared to their plastic wheeled counterparts, however I just felt really silly pushing it around Target because of it's width and the seats are really slouchy :(

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