Sunday, March 21, 2010


*images via Country Living

Really. It's not my fault...I just can not help myself! I am loving that spring is officially here and I am still loving the London of Liberty line at Target (what?! It's only been a week!).

So far my little collection is growing and I couldn't be happier about it. I am usually very strict with what I will buy for myself and my home, but they did such a great job with everything I haven't had many reasons to say 'no' to anything...

I still want the bike...only now it is sold out :(

In other Wilson news...Colby was God's Amazing Person at school all last week, Micah agreed he wanted his hair cut (?!), and Isaac is now a member of the babies that have teeth club. :) Billy bought a nectarine tree and I bought some gorgeous ranunculus plants (which Isaac pulled the best bloom off of).

*my sweet little blossom I found Isaac trying to eat!

Hope your weekend was lovely and full of florally goodness!

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sharonlei said...

I finally got to a Target this weekend.. and the London of Liberty line is so fun and springy. I didn't walk away with anything though.. the fits were a bit odd on me.. oh wait, I did get a few pictures frames. :) I also saw the bike! Super cuuuuute.

xx Love & Aloha