Thursday, March 18, 2010

One week ago...

one week ago my baby boy turned 7 months old! I am really trying to remember to enjoy every passing moment because it all goes by way too fast!

At the start of his 7 month, Isaac is: sitting up like a big boy, continuing eating baby food and rice cereal, he loves biter biscuits, he LOVES to pinch...I call him my pincher bug because he is constantly pinching me and anyone else that dare hold him. I'm not sure why, I hope he stops because it hurts like you wouldn't believe! He blows raspberries, rolls all around, and can get anywhere fast! He hates to be put in his playpen or his crib and he still sleeps with mom and dad. He likes to cup my face with his chubby hands and his favorite thing to play with right now is still Sophie his giraffe and his wooden spoon. He laughs and smiles and "sings" little cooing songs all the time. He is also obsessed with his tongue and sticking it out at everyone that passes him.

One of Isaac's favorite things to do is jump. He jumps ALL the time when you are holding him he just likes to bounce...if you stand him up on the ground, same thing! It's so funny, but it makes my arms so tired! This boy likes to give my muscles a work out all day!

His favorite person is still mommy (though I know with boys how quickly it changes to daddy! So I am soaking up my mommy-baby time!). He will not go to anyone but mommy and if daddy or someone tries to come over and take him he turns into me and grasps as hard as he can to me to make sure no one pulls him away! He love watching his big brothers play and he sleeps mostly through the night but still nurses at least 3 times during our sleep. He also knows his name and will turn to you if you call him. Such a smart boy!

Happy 7 months Isaac!


sharonlei said...

Such a cutie!! :)

xx Love & Aloha

andrea said...

I love the picture of you sleeping with Isac! All three of your boys are adorable! Gabe and I were both saying on the way home the other night.