Friday, April 9, 2010

baby isaac's nook...

*I first discovered Kendra Smoot in Martha Stewart's Bluelines magazine. She styled the above photos and the photo on the right was one of the photos that inspired Isaac's space

All of my babies started their lives out in our bedroom... Colby and Micah never even used their cribs until they were around a year old!

Though I love having my babies in an arm's reach, it makes space VERY limited in our bedroom so I only bring in things I absolutely LOVE and/or need.

Isaac's little space consists of only 3 things: a bookshelf, rocking chair, and crib. The book shelf and rocking chair were handed down to me and Billy from when I was a baby! I love how sturdy they mom kept them in great condition, they just needed fresh paint so Billy painted them the perfect shade of white to match Isaac's crib.

I knew I wanted to use mostly white for Isaac's little corner, but I also wanted to bring in some cooler blues and greens (think soothing ocean hues) with pops of orange (think sunshine) to remind me of how Isaac was born at one of my favorite times of year: Summer!

I need to take pictures of his little nook...we next to never get good light in our room, but I'll still try to snap some! I love how everything came together, I smile every time I walk past his little corner!

Some of the treasures you'll find in Isaac's nook:
water droplet friend by Bla Bla

I absolutely adore this pillow

anchor grid pillow in aqua by My Perennial

Isaac enjoying his custom made baby quilt by the talented Jamie.

I bought this letter press print to remind me that as much as I want to protect my children from everything what I really need to do is let them sail freely and discover the ups and downs of this great big world on their own...

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