Friday, February 18, 2011


Isaac started running a fever last night and poor little guy has just been miserable ever since...the fever comes and goes but the crankiness is 24/7. :) I finally was able to slide him off of me (after letting him sleep on me for a long while) so I decided to use my little "break" to blog.

The other day I was watching a video of a speech given by Steve Job's (if for some reason you don't know who he is, he is the reason why Apple Computers is what it is). In the speech he said, "Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life."

I found those to be some pretty powerful words and have been thinking about that ever since. In 5 days I am turning 27. The year my mother "officially felt old". :) WELL, I must say while aging does not bother me at all, I have been regularly contemplating WHAT I am doing with my time...and not just my time, but I have been thinking about Billy and our children as well. I consider myself blessed, because even at a young age I have always felt that I had a good sense of who I was and no problem being my "true" self.

I want to make sure that not just I, but my WHOLE family is living their own life. Life is too short to be chasing down things that don't really matter to us. I am fortunate we have been able to send Colby to Faith Christian, where I also went to school, and as much as I love it, I don't want Colby to ever feel (like lots of schools can and do) that there is ONE way to be or ONE career that defines success...truthfully all I really want for any of my kids is for them to know and love God with all their heart. Anything else is secondary.

And then there is Billy...he's already done all the hard work to live out his dream...worked his butt off as a dad, boyfriend, employee and student while putting himself through school at Chico State. Took on an intern and graduated while making the dean's list every semester. And yet for the financial security of our family he has stayed at Sam's and has worked there for almost 11 years!

Well. I think its time that changed. If there is anything that I want for my birthday, its for my family to live OUR lives....not anyone else's idea or version of what they think our life should be.

And I'm not going to lie. It's scary. Terrifying, actually. But we've already began making some changes around here and I've already started to see the benefits of carving out our life.

So I feel like I've just been all over the place with this post...and I think I need to try and rest before Isaac is up again...but I just felt the need to write out some thoughts...

I would love to hear from anyone out there. I know my blog has readers because of all my daily views, though no one ever wants to comment!!! BUT If you do decide to comment I'd love to hear your thoughts....who out there is living an authentic life? Who else is living THEIR own life..and not somebody else's? Advice, feedback...I openly welcome all comments!

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