Saturday, February 26, 2011

blessed beyond measure.

God has been so good to our family. I love that He is always teaching me, always challenging me, and always patient with me. One of my greatest blessings He has given me is my sweet husband Billy.

With Isaac running a nonstop fever and being sick the past week, by the time my birthday rolled around we were all exhausted. Billy had told me about the week before my birthday that he had planned a surprise getaway to San Francisco where he had a "surprise" waiting for me.

However, I woke up Wednesday with a mild headache and I really just wanted to stay in bed and sleep. Billy left early and took the little ones over to my mom's house, who was kind enough to agree to watch all 3 of our boys for the whole day!

I dawdled around till almost 11 am before agreeing to go to SF. And I am so glad I agreed to go.

We started our day with lunch in Union Square at Boudin's. After we headed clear to the other side of SF to the coast to see the Giant Camera. Seeing the ocean made me so happy and the camera was pretty neat too.

Afterwards we headed back to Union Square where Billy grabbed my hand and lead me into the Louis Vuitton store. He walked me up to the counter and told me to pick out a purse. It was one of the best birthday surprises ever. Two years prior, after completing my first full time semester back in school with 2 children and getting straight A's, I awarded myself by buying a Louis Vuitton at that very store in Union Square. Almost one year later we were robbed and my purse was stolen (and also my wedding ring).

I am so blessed that I had a husband who worked SO hard to replace my wedding ring and now to have replaced (and upgraded) my Louis Vuitton bag.

If you know me then you know I love all things classic and so I went with the classic monogram in the speedy 30. Billy included a little gift note that read: You can't spell LOVE without LV. Happy 27th Birthday. I love you. (card is in the center photo featuring a vintage LV ad for Vogue).

He really is an amazing and selfless husband. After leaving Louis Vuitton we stopped by the swanky Hillstone for dinner before retiring back to good ol' Yuba City.

Thanks for making my birthday so special Billy. I love you.

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