Saturday, March 19, 2011

for me...

It seems as if all the shopping I do is for the boys and for billy. And I'm not complaining because sometimes I think I enjoy buying them things more than I like getting things for myself!

However, lately I had been on an unofficial hunt for a trinket holder. I found a vintage cloissonne bowl on Etsy that I absolutely loved but I stalled on purchasing it and of course it sold. Since then I always check back in that seller's shop hoping to see something similar.

When I saw this cute little box as a tiny thumbnail picture I was still immediately drawn to it because of the colorings. Its another vintage piece and after looking at the bigger photos of it I knew I wasn't going to stall this time and went ahead and purchased it.

As much as I love all my boys, sometimes its nice to buy something with a more feminine appeal. I can't wait for it to get here! I think vintage pieces or passed down items are so much better than something that's brand spankin' new. New things are nice, don't get me wrong and there are some items I would only want to purchase new....but for the most part I think the stories behind vintage and heirloom pieces win over a new piece just about every time.

In the meanwhile I am wondering just how in the world it got to be March 19, and how I thought this month would d r a g on forever, and yet here we are and it's already almost over.

BIG news ahead. I can hardly wait! :)

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