Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March 1st.

Let the hubby bday party planning begin! I have to admit that I try to soak up as much "it's my birthday" as I can...we ate birthday cake 2x this week already and tomorrow the cake Billy ordered from Cakes By Request will be ready to be picked up...I've reread my birthday cards from Billy and the boys a million times already...balloons are still floating around the house...I am still basking in the glorious smell that is a new Louis Vuitton...

But when February ends (sadly) I am ready to kick it in full gear for planning Billy's May birthday. Especially this year because he is turning the big 30!

I have been thinking about Billy's 30th birthday nearly since I met him! I am so excited because May is going to start a whole new chapter in our lives....last year for Billy's gift I bought him a really nice drafting table. It was my way of encouraging him to continue his love for drawing/graphic design.

This May we are going a step further in that direction but my hands are tied on how much I can say about that right now! However I can say that we are going sky diving for his birthday and I am scared to death to do it! I am just freaked out something will happen to both of us and our cute little boys would become cute little orphans. :(

Other than that I have a secret project I am working on...after contacting a few people on that I will share my progress. Alright. I am off to bed now! Up late fulfilling all the wedding orders coming in through Hair Pretties and Billy will be waking up to go to work in just 1.5 hours at 3 am! Yuck! Goodnight everyone!

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