Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Boo Boo.

Today Micah is turning 2 years-old!

This day has always been bittersweet as I remember not only the horrible things Dr. Hoffer said to me but also the horrible and rushed c-section he performed that has left me in much physical pain even now 2 years later. I know he apologized, and every day I try to leave it all behind me, but it is sincerely one of my worst memories.

On the other hand, despite Dr. Hoffer's negligence and unethical comments to me and my family, I did get to finally meet the little boy I carried around for 9 months!!!! I have to try very hard to separate the pain of this moment from the joyous occasion of Micah "entering" our family!

He is such a little lover though I think the terrible 2's may just be fast approaching!

Happy Birthday Micah! And as Colby always puts it, "Everyone loves you Micah!"

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