Monday, November 3, 2008

RIP little Station Wagon.

Yesterday Billy and I went down to Roseville on a car hunt.

We knew we didn't want to go high into debt over a car, but we also needed something desperately! So I am happy to say we went with this buick rendezvous (which we had never even heard of!) but c'mon! The car only had one other owner and it has 36,000 miles on it!

AND we stuck to our guns and got it for a steal!

Thanks to Tamiko for keeping the boys all afternoon and to Sandy and Steve for helping us score the awesome insurance coverage through USAA! And to my mom for letting us use her car for the last 2 months!

Oh. And if you have not checked out the new "Fountains" shopping center in Roseville, you are missing out! It is sooo nice! Got some new dishes and Japanese mugs at Anthropologie and finally got to scope out Posh Pumpkins...not quite Kat's Meow, but definitely cute!

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