Saturday, February 27, 2010

Yo yo...

my booties...available in just about every color under the sun and free shipping at their home site till tomorrow and they also ship free at Milk Shop! A little bird might have told me the electric blue ones were on their way to our home for a certain little boy! (just don't tell Billy. He thinks anything metallic is for girls).

On another note, Billy received a bonus at work and we were able to replace our if only it would arrive! I forgot how much easier it was when I could just push Micah and Isaac around together and Billy could man the shopping cart! It's not a travel system like the last one, but since Isaac is getting bigger I am hoping this one will still work out fine...we shall see soon enough!

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Jacklyn and the Johnson Boys said...

Ohhh I am super jealous!! I LOVE that stroler! I asked Billy at sams the other day if you guys needed my stroller & he said he had it taken care of!! It's a beauty!!