Friday, May 7, 2010

Some Kind of Wonderful.

I love innovative companies like Daily was how I discovered Sue Jean Rim, a fabulous illustrator who's work I loved after seeing it all over the daily candy site as well as she did all the illustrations for the Target registry guide when Billy and I were getting married, and she even did some adorable work for Tiffany & Co. After admiring the illustrations on the Swirl by Daily Candy web site for far too long I finally decided to track down the illustrator because I knew it wasn't Sue Jean Rim's style...So I am happy to announce (thanks to Daily Candy) I have another favorite illustrator to add to my list! She goes under the name of Miss Capricho and let me say, I find her work so captivating!

I would kill to have artistic talents like that! I pray that Billy passed his on to our children. He is actually an exceptional illustrator, he just isn't a he doesn't think along the lines of this type of art work and he really doesn't ever draw anything cute. :( But he can draw comic book characters and life like illustrations like no one's business and I hate when he is gone...because then the kids want to know why I can't draw Spider Man like dad....

My mom is an amazing artist too. She just never uses those talents any more...which actually makes me kind of sad. I think between raising 7 children and working full time she stopped finding the time to nourish that creative part of her... Maybe I can get her to make me some Miss Capricho-esque art...I'll keep my fingers crossed! I think I might need to add some art supplies to her Mother's Day gift!

A few of my favorites:

and a kitty for good measure

Hope everyone has a fabulous Mother's Day weekend. And a happy mother's day to all my mama friends as well! And remember to nurture that creative side of you too! We ALL have a creative side...I love that part in the movie The Notebook when Ally says to her fiance, "I don't paint anymore.." and he replies, "So paint!" :)

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politicartoon said...

Happy Mother's Day Babe!!! I love you so much. Thank you for everything that you do.