Sunday, May 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Billy!

Tomorrow is my husband's 29th birthday.

7 years ago on this day he came through my teller line purchasing lots of alcohol (I had just started working at Sam's Club and Billy also worked there in a different department). haha. I remember I thought he didn't look old enough to be purchasing it and he started talking to me telling about this party he was going to have at his house after a show his band was playing in and how I should come by because it was also his birthday.

If you know me then you know a) I had never been to a party in my life and b) I can be very shy. As he went to pay he said, "So, do you think you'll come?" So I just told him point blank "No." I didn't even say I would think about it because I knew I would feel so awkward and out of place and I had never even drank anything but a sip of a wine cooler before and it would just be weird...

"Well, I'm going to tell you where I live anyways," he said. And so he did.

"Well...if I go do I have to bring you a present?" I asked him. Hey, where I come from, someone invites you to their birthday you don't come empty handed.

"No...just come and that will be my present." Oh Billy you little sweet talker.

So guess what happened? I went. I had my little sister Tamiko watch Colby so I could drop by and say hi. And it was totally awkward and so I left right away. I couldn't remember Billy's name and so when I walked up to the house I couldn't even say who I was looking for and this guy (Bobby) says to me, "Hey, who are you looking for?" So I just said, "Oh I work with this guy at Sam's Club..." And he was like "Oh Billy, yeah, he's taking stuff down at the show but he'll be here any minute."

I almost left then because I mean I really had never ever been to a party. I was in panic mode (yes, I am a dork) because people were...well..crazy! So finally Billy showed up and so I asked him to walk me out to my car because it was already late and I never left Colby unless I had to go to work and so Billy walked me to my car where I gave him the gift I bought him and was not brave enough to bring up to his house when I showed up and a bunch of people were standing around outside and they looked my mother would not want me to hang out with.

I didn't even know Billy so I had just went to the mall and bought him a shirt and a ton of candy. And it just made him fall in love with me all the more. haha! :) Oh Billy, you know its true!

And then I went back home to my little studio apartment to cuddle with my sweet 4 month old baby boy and the rest is history.
A few weeks later Billy invited me to one of his band's shows and then a week or so after that he invited me to a movie...and then I finally let him meet Colby and I kid you not those two became best friends the moment they met.

And so now here we are 7 years later with two more boys to share our lives with....and he isn't just the boy with crazy tiger striped hair from the meat department. He's my husband and the only father Colby has ever known...all because the little flirt came through my teller line :)

Happy Birthday Billy! I thought you were old when I checked your id and saw you were turning 22. I guess that makes you ancient now! :) I love you and I hope you have a great day!!!

*billy wearing the shirt I bought him for his birthday at the bbq at his house where he met Colby for the first time


politicartoon said...

"Little flirt?!?!?!?" I have no idea what you are talking about. Just kidding. I went through your line on purpose. I am so glad you came because I never would have had the guts to invite you to anything else. I love you babe and thanks for the cake and balloons.

Cayce said...

Sweetest story ever! Happy Birthday to Billy! You both are very lucky to have each other! :)