Saturday, May 1, 2010


surprisingly, despite my bad attitude Friday, this weekend is turning out to be productive and I hope it continues that way!

I let Colby and Micah spend the night at my mom's house yesterday and though I literally laid in bed missing them at 2 am, it was very nice to wake up to only 1 little person today instead of 3!

Billy worked all through the night, so when he came home I took Isaac out so he could sleep in peace.

We made a little trip to Target where I saw the new Cynthia Vincent for Target line had debuted. I picked up a couple pairs of the gladiator sandals. These are so comfortable I wore a pair to church tonight. :)

My favorite pair is the brown which sadly was not at our Target, and I had it in my shopping cart online before church, came home after church, went to check out- and just like that they were gone! Though they aren't sold out completely online, just in the size I needed:(

We also visited Rimpy, my eye brow threader. I think threading is SO neat. It just gives such a clean look compared to waxing...though it is not for the weak! I think it is a bit of a tortuous feeling, but I just love the results too much, so I am learning to just deal with that really doesn't last too long.

And to make the day even better, we had another thought evoking service at church PLUS my mother's day gift arrived this morning! Billy let me go ahead and open it and so far we have taken 5 pictures. The boys think it is so neat and I love that one day they will have a box of these to go through when they are older. I love looking at my mom and dad's old polaroids...ok...maybe not the ones of my dad's afro and daisy dukes, but hey...they are still fun memories!

*please excuse my little makeup free head. we were just really excited to test out the fuji instax!

Hope your weekend is going good to! I am so glad I am getting out of the mood I had been in. Feeling burnt out is no fun and I'm glad I am feeling rejuvenated!

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