Thursday, September 2, 2010


It feels like life has been going by so fast lately! I wish I had a little timeout button! Isaac has been going nonstop, you'd think he'd come out of the womb walking :) Poor little Micah has been sick for a month and a half :( and Colby is just so grown up in the 2nd grade!

Billy's corporate America job has always kept him busy, but we've been designing away together too, which I can't wait till we are able to do full time!!! We are preparing to launch our web site and have a really fun photo shoot scheduled with a great photographer in Sacramento that is all part of the top secret web design :)

In the mean while, we had pictures taken of our three little love bandits by the very talented Jessica Cole. And we've had the honor of working with Meg of Captured Images on some secret projects!

Hair Pretties is keeping me busier than I could have thought but I truthfully love every minute of it!!! I even received an email today from a fabulous store interested in carrying them, which had Billy and I both smiling ear to ear...we LOVE this store! Above are some photos I took of new pretties...I love how unique and different they are! The limited editions completely sold out in 3 days, with the exception of one!

SO. Enough blabbering! Anyone else feel like life is just going by at an extra fast speed right now? :)


meghan said...

YES!! My life is going in super speed too, there is so much to do & not enough time to do it all! Umm...Hair Pretties is ahhhmazing. Just became a fan on Facebook!! Where can I buy?!? xo.

Renée said...

wow love the hair accessoires!