Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Yesterday we celebrated 2 years of marriage...I must say being married is hard work..but it is so worth it! My mom was kind enough to keep all 3 of our little bandit boys so we could escape for a dinner date. Later this week we will continue celebrating where we spent our first mini honeymoon... in San Francisco. I LOVE that city!

Tradition has it that the second anniversary is the cotton anniversary. I had these fern animals custom made by the talented Ashley Anna Brown...they make me so happy! I had the Liberty of London fabric imported for mine and then picked a vintage brown gingham for Billy. She stitched our monogram and wedding dates on the backside. They are too cute for words!

I got Billy a new 49ers hat (hey..its cotton and he had bought one on our honeymoon but that one is pretty beat up now) and Billy sewed me this little banner and even embroidered I love you under the heart! I love him :)

I cut 4 inches off my hair and it feels great! Had to celebrate with a hair pretty. We took a quick picture and then we were off! It was a fun night. Happy Anniversary Billy! I love you!

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meghan said...

You guys are absolutely adorable!! I love everything about this post! Our honeymoon was in San Francisco as well & it was without a doubt the most magical vacation of my life! :) Congrats on two years! xo.