Wednesday, November 10, 2010


One day while I was pregnant with sweet Isaac, I google searched something along the lines of 'beachy baby showers' and managed to come across some beautiful images that linked me over to the work of the ever so talented Meg Fish.

While I love and respect the different types of photography, I must say Meg's work is especially inspiring to me because of this key element: simplicity! I love me a good prop, I do, but there is just something so elegant and understated about her photographs and the lack of overpowering colors or extras. You have no choice but to focus on the subject and there is nothing to distract from the natural beauty she captures in the fleeting moments of pregnancy, infancy, and motherhood. I love every picture she takes, they quite literally take my breath away!

So, to say I was honored to see her feature hair pretties on her site does not quite do my feelings justice. I am so in love with these pictures of her beautiful daughter Ella. Thank you for the shout out Meg! I hope you too will become a daily follower of her blog.

Meg requested the *santa baby* with a white band and I created the nude/peach flower on the stormy grey band just for baby Ella. I have been getting lots of requests for it now, so I am so happy everyone has liked it :)

So its past my bedtime..I was actually sleeping but awoke and was unable to get back to here I am..catching up on blogs, including updating my own! :)

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Jacklyn and the Johnson Boys said...

Tiffany, those bands are simply Gorgeous... as are the Pictures! Great Job!