Thursday, November 4, 2010

late night blogger

soooo should be sleeping right now! but sadly Isaac just fell asleep and so I need a little quiet time to unwind...poor little guy has been so fussy lately, I think he may be cutting in some new teeth.

Other than holding him 24-7 we've been working on some design jobs which are always a fun challenge. We'd love if you'd come by our site and say hi!

I have been working on getting the hair pretties collaboration pieces ready and here's just a little peek at the sweet bobby pins featuring the beautiful hand crocheting flowers lovingly made by my adorable Grandma.

Been doing lots of reading lately too...mostly on simplifying life....its funny how easy it is to let life get cluttered with things that don't matter....spiritually, emotionally, mentally...physically...! It can be draining and sometimes its so nice to purge ourselves of old things that no longer hold any value or meaning.

So there you go...the mindless rambles of a tired mama!

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