Saturday, January 29, 2011


Today I got 2 packages in the mail and 2 shipments from UPS. Being that I forgot about some of the items I ordered, it felt really nice...almost like Christmas again even though 99% of the items were for the boys, it was still really fun opening everything.

My new boots also arrived and I am in love all over again...I had the sand colored boots 4 years ago and I took them on our vacation to Laguna Beach and when we came back home I never got them out of the back of the car and so one day I just told Billy to throw them out instead of bringing them in! In my defense I was pregnant with Micah at the time and i am telling you I make horrible decisions when I am pregnant! BUT I am happy to announce my feet can go back to being as comfortable as ever. Colbs and Billy think they are so ugly..but they don't understand how comfy they are! And it just goes to show what a good husband I have because it was Billy who tried to surprise me with a new pair for Christmas but he didn't know which pair I wanted and since we never made it into Don's Shoes together with our crazy schedules, he finally just ordered them for me...and my feet and I are both very thankful for that :)

The boys' new clothes also came in and I never thought I'd say this, but I think I almost enjoy shopping for them more than myself...and they aren't even girls! Good thing J.Crew makes such cute boy things and in all of their sizes because I love for them to all match!

And speaking of J.Crew I am loving their new look book online (where I found the above image) and I can't wait for the catalog to hit my mailbox!

Other than being overly joyous about my mail this week, we've been busy with lots of projects...I'm looking forward to making some big announcements (God willing!) soon!

Happy weekend everyone!

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