Friday, January 28, 2011

Getting ready to make some waves!

So proud of these ladies! And men! :) When Amy first contacted me with some questions when Mommy Tsunami was first starting out I knew I wanted to do something to help with their cause. Because Billy and I know the value of good design and how it can help legitimize a business (or in their case, an organization), can help with communicating a message, and how a logo specifically puts a "face" onto something that makes it easy for people to remember..well....we decided to help by donating our design services!

We met with Amy (a respite worker) and Mary (a grandmother who is the primary caregiver for her grandson who has developmental disabilities) and from that meeting designed the Mommy Tsunami logo and later a flier to promote their walk from Yuba City to the state capitol to remind officials of the Lanterman Act: an act to keep those with disabilities out of institutions and in their own homes and communities.

The letters in the Mommy Tsunami logo are all hand drawn by Billy and we incorporated the wave (which they hope their movement will make) into the wording. We included a rendering of the state capitol to help explain their cause and mission.

They want to see a shift in the way the politicians are handling the budget cuts. They are calling out for accountability....and so I had to share this video they recently posted online.

So proud to see them pushing forward for a great cause and must say, I'm pretty proud of that handbill you will see Amy holding in the beginning, and of course the logo at the end. :)

Great job everyone!

Make sure to find Mommy Tsunami on facebook and join the walk...any part of it...if you can!

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