Monday, September 29, 2008

Can't Buy Me Love... The Beatles. That's what we walked down the aisle together to :) Our wedding was just 10 days ago and it only felt right to blog about this first! I had a rough morning but it was sprinkled with some good memories as well. For every rude vendor I dealt with that morning (hello Troys & Troys) I had really great vendors (Leilani) that helped me get through and make it to the church on time!

Billy and I were engaged for over a year and with 2 kids and being in school full time it was nice to not feel rushed in the planning process and really get to sink into every little detail!

Isn't the banner cute? I had originally wanted Ann to make us one out felt but I just never got around to finishing out the details of it in my head, so last minute I put together this one from Land of Nod and I think it turned out darling!

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Debbie Lavelock said...

I adore the "Just Married" photo. That was a unique idea for "Just Married" photo....I LOVE IT!!
Troys & Troys was rude to you? What happened?
Did you know that Leilany also did my friend's make-up wedding (you've met the other day)?