Monday, September 29, 2008

Finishing Up... as far as the wedding I am just about finished! whew!

Here's some more details:

We got married at Crossroads Community Church where my family were founding members and I grew up at...instead of having rice thrown at us, we had our guests throw over 500 pink and brown pom poms as a nod to my love for crafts!

We held our reception at Peach Tree Golf and Country Club where I finally got to put that family membership to use!

The mason jar centerpieces were inspired by Billy. He used to (and still does on occasion) drink out of them when I first met him and I thought he was an unclassy weirdo! (sorry Billy!) :)

We did Jones Soda as our favors because rootbeer is Billy's favorite drink. Every table was littered with them but the children's table. The children went home with pink goody bags filled with silly glasses, crayons, drawing paper, memory/oldmaid/gofish cards, princess crowns, "diamond" rings, and pretend lizards for the boys.

It was important for us to keep the children occupied being parents ourselves!

Instead of a sign in book we had a big mason jar that served as our "wish jar" which by the way, we received some really interesting notes!!!! (William!). The table also had over 100 paper origami cranes for our guests to take as our "well wish" to them (cranes represent good luck in Japan). The table also held framed pictures from my mother, her mother, and my other grandmother all on their wedding days.

The cake was delicious! Infusion by Cakes By Request (tastes a bit like tiramisu with a little hint of chocolate) and buttercream frosting. It was a big hit! We cut the cake to Cake "I Want To Love You Madly" and had our first dance to "Come Away With Me" by Nora Jones.

All in all, it was a perfect day! There were a few people who wanted to be party poopers, but nothing could have made that day bad for us! It was so wonderful, and now it's official! :)


Debbie Lavelock said...

Awwwe, I am so HAPPY for you Tiffany & Billy! It's such a beautiful wedding and story.

Malissa said...

Congrats! You are such a beautiful bride! I am loving the pom poms idea. You're so clever. How have you been? You have the cutest family. Take care, Malissa (Whaley)