Monday, September 29, 2008

That's All Folks!

Okay. No more wedding least not for a good while!

For Billy's wedding gift I gave him these awesome cufflinks I bought off of etsy. On the trip we got engaged on we went down to Lego Town and I bought Billy a Lego keychain as a reminder of the fun times we had there, and then right before the wedding it broke :( (rip batman!) SO I knew this would be a perfect gift...not to mention that Colby and Billy are Lego feens!

For my wedding gift, Billy got me this vintage camera. I had been wanting some ever since I saw a crewcuts photo shoot where the kids had them. He sent it over to me with a little note that said "i can't PICTURE my life without you". Isn't that cute (he had to tell me later because for some reason that went right over my head! :))


Debbie Lavelock said...

You're such a silly goose :)

Auntie Ann said...

Love your blog, and you look beautiful!!!

Mann Family said...

Congratulations!!!! How exciting! Love your blog...I'm adding you to my pals list:)