Tuesday, October 26, 2010


been thinking a lot lately...too much if you ask me.. about nothing in particular and everything in general. :) I've come to decide that there is always going to be someone for whatever sad reason they have that won't like you. Someone who wants to be mean, rain on your parade, or plain just put you down. Heck..maybe even plain just make up stuff about you out of their own insecurities.

It can get pretty ugly out there and a girl could waste a lot of energy worrying about stuff like that...Personally, its hard to not want to scream when you hear things that aren't true (though thankfully most people look at the source they are hearing it from), but I know that revenge isn't mine. God didn't grant me that right (dang it!). He just commanded me to love. If there is ever an example of someone who was falsely accused and lied about, where better to see how it was handled than the example of Jesus Himself?

SO that girl who is feeing attacked, well she could just choose to focus on the hundreds of other positive people in her life. The ones that cheer her on, make her laugh, and know the very heart of her. There is a verse I have always loved in the Old Testament. It says (paraphrased) that if you listen hard enough you might even hear your own servant saying something bad about you. The point is people talk...always have, always will. But the only person you can control is yourself.

So I'll just keep doing what I'm doing and be proud that I can hold my head up high. Because my boys are watching. And they will face a time in their own life when someone out of being hurt, jealously, insecurity or whatever reason attacks them. And I want them to know that people can't take who you are away from you. You belong to the King...and when someone goes around trying to hurt your reputation, well, they usually just end up hurting their own. So glad that God's word never turns up void.

So...today I am thankful for a wise Father and friends who make me laugh all day long with their texts, comments, phone calls, emails...or whatever else they throw my way :)

Oh. And on a separate note, how cute is my Grandma (and Grandpa)? My Grandma and I did a Hair Pretties collaboration together. More information over here!

And I don't mean to write in a tone that says that I have it altogether, because the good Lord knows I don't. I'm just learning that sometimes you don't have to say anything to defend yourself because its not really your battle...God is just and His ways are best :) And that's something I can have full confidence in :)

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Well said my friend:)