Monday, October 11, 2010


the weather (in my humble opinion) was beautiful today. Even though I have allergies I loved the breeze today...reminded me of our vacations in Laguna!

A few pictures I snapped up of the boys...Colby and Micah are both so artistic I love it. I think Micah has inherited Billy's eye for design...the other day while playing with blocks at Grandma Gloria's house he put blue and green triangle blocks together to form a square and said, "Look mom. I made the Sam's Club sign" (logo). That's my boy :)

Other than being busy with my 3 little boys and my handsome husband I was selling Hair Pretties at the California Beer and Wine Festival at the Wow Now Photography booth! It was so nice to meet so many lovely girls!

We just finished a fabulous logo for one of the few photography studios here in town. I can't debut it yet since we have yet to hand over the final files, but everything has been approved and I LOVE it! :)

Hope everyone's week is off to a great start!!!

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JMay said...

Your family is seriously adorable, love these pics!