Saturday, October 9, 2010

Vintage Love.

couple little things I picked up for Isaac for Christmas. It's fun shopping for babies because they don't tell you what they want :) But I think if Isaac could talk he would have asked for these anyways :)

classic Fisher Price record set

and I added a little friend to his Steiff collection. Love this little hippo. He looks so retro to me and his little fur is all fuzzy, he is too cute!

Am I the only one who has started their shopping? I just love this time of year!


aaron and melissa said...

1. Hi!!!

2. I used to have that record player and it wasn't vintage, it was brand new, how did the toys of my childhood become "VINTAGE" Yikes!!! But I love it!

3. I haven't started shopping yet, but "listing" I am on!!!

Lady said...

Love the Stieff! I have a collection of only 10 or so, they are really hard to find!