Sunday, October 3, 2010

the times they are a changing...

It's time...Different By Design is growing...and we couldn't be more happier about that. We love what we do...we know anyone can hop into a print shop that offers graphic design services on the side....or buy one of those 'one size fits all' logo templates but we think people deserve better.

Here at Different By Design we design on purpose. We have a unique designing process and a thorough knowledge of the key elements in creating good design....because after all, "Good design is good business."

And we are in the business of doing good :) better showcase our work and who we are and why we can help you, it's time for a web site. Of course we will still have our facebook page too, but I am excited to get the web site up and running...give us one more week and I think we will be good to go!

"Different X Design's Dynamic Duo: helping our clients win the fight against bad design one job at a time."


Jen said...

You two are incredible!!!

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