Sunday, January 24, 2010

Marking a milestone.

How is it that my baby is ready to eat rice cereal? He is growing up way too fast for me. He is still two and a half weeks from our doctor's recommended age (6 months) to start solids, but this little boy was ready so yesterday we gave it a go.

You should have seen him. Quite the little man eating like a grown up with all of us crowded around watching him. :) He did very well. Never gagged, but it did take him some time to figure out swallowing it and not just pushing it back out of his mouth.

I gave him another small serving today and you would've thought he was a seasoned pro. He would lean in his bumbo to whichever hand I was holding the bowl in. I kept wondering, "Why is he leaning like that?" He looked like he was about to slide out! Then I realized he was following the bowl around! He tried several times to grab the spoon from me and he lunged forwards toward the food too!

*sigh* I have always loved babies, but I don't know why this time around I am having such a hard time letting this little boy grow up. Maybe it's because I am getting old? haha.

Isaac has been using Micah's old baby bibs from Colby Lane Designs but I finally ordered him a couple of his own.

Now we still need to make a trip to Ikea to pick up a high chair. And I need to find some new baby spoons. I bought some silicone ones at Target and Walmart and I do not care for them at all. They do not feel secure into the handle and I don't feel safe using them. Recommendations would be great :)

Okay...time for me to go! We had a rough night and today has been the longest day of my life!


Cayce said...

cutest bibs & what a big boy! :)

Jacklyn and the Johnson Boys said...

I gave Trent food at 5 months...though I waited until Drew was 6 months!! Trent was sooo ready! Just one more task to add to your day...messy babyfood :)I too need to make an Ikea need of Toy boxes!! PRECIOUS BABY & usual you always have the cutest everything!!

Waters Family said...

Some friends gave Trent and Whitney the bib with guitars :) It's so cute!