Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My Quotable Kid(s)

I am a firm believer in baby books and baby book maintenance. I think it's a nice way to let the little ones know that you commemorated every milestone and cherished every moment. In fact, I keep the boys' books on the living room shelf so that I am free to grab them out whenever I feel the need to update or jot down something memorable...

However, being that their baby books have no designated spot for writing down all the crazy/cute/funny/outrageous things my kids say the front cover flap and inside back have slowly been taken over by their quotes and I am quickly running out of room to record them and they are not running out of funny or endearing things to say!

So of course I fell in LOVE with this book. It's 5x7 and it purpose is to act as a journal for you to record your "quotable" kid. I love it. In fact, its so brilliantly simple I'm kind of jealous I didn't think of it myself.

I couldn't find it on amazon (darn) but they are selling it at paper source and this is a for sure buy for me. It's the perfect size to fit in a purse or diaper bag because sometimes I try to remember the funny or sweet things the boys say when we are out, but by the time we get home I worry if I have it exactly like it was said...

And so now I leave you with some funny things they've said over the years:

"Dad. You have a bummer puter." -Colby, age 3 to Billy when his computer died

"Good one, Dad."-Colby age 4 after Billy mimicked me during a disagreement we were having

"Mom. Look at this masterpiece"-Colby age 4 about a Coke sign at Burger Hut

"Dad. You are the best dad I could have ever asked for...(pause) I prayed God would calm mom's temper."-Colby while were driving in the car

"Mom. I need huggies."-Micah age 2

"A peanut butter sandwich would make my teeth happy."-Micah age 3

"I just popped a bubble in my pants."-Micah age 3 after..umm..passing gas. what can I say? It was funny.


SoulFocusPhotography said...

love it! i am so getting one

politicartoon said...

I'm so lucky that my kids have a mom like you. All our memories of the cute things that they have said would be gone if it where up to me. I love you babe.