Thursday, January 7, 2010

Once Upon A Time...

I started a blog...and an etsy shop...and I actually took care of both...until I became pregnant. Pregnancy apparently did not mix well with blog updates and etsy shops.

BUT since it is a new year, I decided to try and start again. I know both have been sadly neglected and though I'm quite certain no one really visits either but maybe my husband (and Jennifer), I will still try and do my best on posting this and that here on the blog and updating our designs in the shop...

So. Here's to second chances! :)

*photo taken by Josiah Michael


Mann Family said...

Well...I stalk you daily. So happy you are back to blogging. Maybe someday I will start mine back up! Oh, and I love your Etsy shop!

sharonlei said...

Hi Tiffany.. I found your blog via Myra (twigs and honey)... she designed my hairpiece for my wedding.. but I saw your comment there and was like, hey you look familiar!! you're friends with Tasha and Will. Will is your cousin right? Tash and I go way back.. it was so refreshing to see her last month... and to finally meet her beautiful son. I feel in love with Jed the moment I saw him.

Well, just wanted to drop by to say Hi and introduce myself. Great blog by the way!! and I'm heading over to check out your etsy shop..

Btw, your family is beautiful!!!

Love & Aloha,
Sharon :)