Thursday, January 21, 2010


Yesterday was a good day...a great day actually.

It started off with LOTS of cuddles while listening to the rain...nothing better than nuzzling with your sweet baby while rain is pouring outside your just relax and enjoy the beauty of a baby because you really do blink and then they are turning 7 :)

And my day ended with a miracle happening. After I was out of the shower (yes, it was near the end of our lazy day) and looking to get dressed I decided I had had it with one of the two pairs of jeans I own that fit...they were starting to get so baggy and I was constantly holding them up at the waist. Not to mention I was washing them every night so they would be clean.

So I threw my closet door open, grabbed a pair of my old jeans and just like that, they went right on. No dancing or shimmying around. They just went right up. I was thrilled! It really felt like a miracle as a) I have never worked out or dieted anytime in my life (other than mandatory high school PE) and b) I really thought 3 kids was the marker for never returning back to a size 0 like I had with other my two kids. This was the longest time it has taken for my body to go back down (I will not say "back to normal" because us mamas know your body may return to size and weight but it NEVER returns to normal!) I was back into size 0s within 8 weeks of Colby and Micah and Isaac is now 5 months old!

And while I promise you I am not a superficial person, I did feel like Christmas to be a size 0 again. I love knowing that I can wear all my old jeans and am not limited to the 2 pairs of size 3s my sister had lent me.

I really have to give all the credit to God. It really is a mix of genetics, breastfeeding, and eating well...and even eating not so well (I alone have purchased/ate 5 chocolate almond bars and 2 mintmeltways for Colby's school fundraiser!)

So there you go. I can't think of a better day combination than lounging with your boys and fitting back into all your old jeans :) Thank you Jesus!

*now here's to 7 more months minimum of breastfeeding and then I can wear all my tops again! Right now tops are worn soley on how easy they are to breastfeed in...glamourous, I know. :)

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Jacklyn and the Johnson Boys said...

YAY Tiffany! Of all people I completely understand the pure excitement you are feeling! There IS not much of a better feeling than sliding into good ol pre- pregnancy jeans! Congratulations!! I am not guite as luck this time around...I have a closet full of beloved jeans that are just a bit too tight...BUT I WILL be in them soon!!!! I too refuse to work out and soon enough...I will be able to post this very post :)