Monday, January 18, 2010

a super silly seventh birthday party...

I hate that Colby was born in the winter. I was born in February and so I know firsthand how lame winter birthdays are. Because our families are so large and our house is so not, we have been having Colby and Micah's birthday parties at Mountain Mikes for the last 3 years...

The pizza is good and I don't have to pick up my whole house afterwards, so I really shouldn't complain...but I will say that I absolutely love that Isaac was born in the summer. Okay, so he will never have a school party, but I can't wait to have an outdoor birthday in the sunshine for a change!

Colby's 1 request for his birthday was silly string, so we decided to have a super silly party :)

the little man of honor

silly string cupcakes

little party pooper

getting ready for a silly string war

am I really old enough to be his mom?

party animals

And lastly, thank you to everyone who wrote me on my blog and facebook about my last post. I truly cherish each and everyone of your uplifting words! You brought tears to my eyes. I am so appreciative of you all!


Mann Family said...

Love it!! How Fun! Shane has been asking for silly string for the last few months...every time we go to the store! What a fun Mom you are!

Tiffany said... be technical, we bought our "silly" string at the $ tree..and its "goofy" string. lol. but super silly seventh sounds way better, right?