Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Love Day

Hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's! Billy had to work all day so we aren't celebrating Valentine's Day until later this week. I did however leave a few surprises for Billy out by his alarm clock and I woke up to a beautiful water color drawing he made for me. I love thoughtful gifts and I especially love handmade!

Billy is so hard to buy cards for since he is usually always making cards for me and for others! I can't ask him to design one for himself! :) A few times I have made cards for him but this year I bought this card on etsy. We both love letterpress and being a vegetarian it seems like potatoes are nearly always in our meals so I thought it would be perfect for him. He laughed when he saw it so I must have done good. :)

So...Happy Love Day everyone! Colby and Micah are at my mom's for the night so I am off to watch some movies with my husband and maybe Isaac unless we can keep him sleeping! :)

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