Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Sometimes do weird, random things happen in your life and you just have to ask why? Sometimes there are good random things...like when someone helps you push your car through the In N' Out drive thru because you ran out of gas (yeah...that was us last week...thanks again In N' Out guys) but sometimes they are bad.

Like today. Billy left early with Micah and Isaac to pick up a book at the library...He wasn't even there for 20 minutes. Well...he ended up forgetting our stroller in the parking lot. Now. You would think that most people would not want to steal someone's stroller or that they would turn it in to the library...or maybe leave their number so the owner of the stroller could contact them....nope. It's g-o-n-e. Billy went back twice and no luck :(.

Now don't get me wrong. Yes, this news did put a damper on my mood, but I do know that it was an accident and that we all make mistakes. I just sometimes feel like I often get stuck at the end of them and I get left to sort through the mess. With this particular situation there is really nothing I can do (though I did place a lost ad on craigslist), but I'll be honest...I am just feeling a tad burnt out these days on fixing mistakes that aren't really mine. I dunno. Is that part of being on a married "team"? I'm not a marriage expert so I'm not sure. I know when my kids make mistakes that we show them how there are consequences to them...I know I am not my husband's mother but where does the line fall on that?

And that is not a rhetorical question...I am curious! In our house I am in charge of budgeting everything and paying every bill. I often wonder what would happen to Billy if I died! He just is not efficient in those areas. Sure none of it is fun, but I like to deal with the problems as they arise where as Billy will have a stack of mail that he won't even open! It drives me crazy! So if anyone has a method that works well for them please share! Our method works but I am getting really tired of being the one to deal with it all...

...so yeah. Kind of got sidetracked there! It's just that our stroller wasn't really in the budget but we decided it would be a better investment for the long run since it fit both Micah and Isaac...Billy said he would think up a way to remedy the situation...however the always so lovely Jacklyn did offer us an extra stroller. Such a blessing to me that girl!

Hope this is the last of our stuff to be taken! I am still bitter about being robbed last year and last week someone broke into our car again. They didn't get anything this time, but I mean enough already. Can people in the universe just go back to being nice like the guys at In N' Out Burger? :)

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Anonymous said...

Oh, honey. That is awful! I will never understand why some people do the things they do. I wish we lived in a world where people lived with dignity, respect, and integrity. I can't believe your car was broken into, again! That's so scary. Please let me know if there is ever anything I can do for you.