Sunday, February 21, 2010

Little Love Bandits...

Little crazies! Isaac was mad I wouldn't let him roll over to his belly.

Such a little phony!

Finally! 3 happy boys!'s Sunday evening...weekend is coming to an end. :(

We had some sicky little boys but they are feeling better now...even managed to make a trip over here to pick up a couple things for the house. Some of their items are really cheap quality, but we managed to find nice storage containers for our nuts (is that weird? I stopped putting chips in Colby's lunches and started supplementing them with cashews, pumpkin seeds, and sunflower seeds), but having plastic baggies full of nuts in the cupboard was driving me...well...nuts! Even got some decent chairs for the dining room table.

We somehow snuck in a date (with Isaac) at the California Pizza Kitchen, so that was a rare treat! How did you spend your weekend? Hope it was a good one!

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sharonlei said...

You and your hubby make beautiful boys! Seriously. :) Ahhh and two places I love that we don't have here on Maui.. Ikea and CPK! well, there is CPK on Oahu.. :)

My hubby just made me some brown cow yogurt, sliced banana's, and granola.. yum!! What a great way to end the weekend.