Monday, August 2, 2010

cry baby

lately I've been a little emotional. Hmm. Can't imagine why!

Well, my little brother turned 18 last month and while we gave him gifts I felt bad that he never got a birthday cake or was right around the time we were battling the stomach flu part one and so yesterday I decided we finally needed to get him a cake.

So off we went to get Hot Wheels party plates and a 1967 shelby mustang hot wheel to put on top of the cake. We brought it over to my parent's house and while I'm busy serving cake my little sister decides to tell me Billy is FEEDING some to the baby.

Isaac has never had cake before and he wasn't supposed to have any till he turned 1! And it was supposed to be a Cakes By Request cake, not this little fudge one from Bel-Aire. So I did what any normal mom would do and cried.

Not only did I miss getting to see his cute little face taste cake for the first time I was just sad Billy didn't even think to ask or tell me he was going to do it or anything. Yeah. I'm a baby.

Whenever I have fed the baby something "new" (popsicles, watermelon, corn on the cob...) I always wait to do it when Billy is home. If the baby makes a new face or takes a step I am snapping 500 pictures and recording it on the phone to send to Billy. I try my best to make sure he doesn't feel left out and I just wish he would have thought about how I probably wanted to see Isaac's first taste of cake. Oh Billy.

In other birthday news, I also ordered some Cheekeyes for Isaac. I bought some a year ago for my pretend daughter and finally decided to order some more "boyish" ones for Isaac.

I think the dinosaurs might just end up being my favorites. I love the clean lines with the subtle pops of color. I had purchased Cheekeyes before from Oompa but this time I used the contact page on the Cheekeyes web page and I must say they had excellent customer service.

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