Thursday, August 5, 2010

little model.

Okay. I don't think its fair to be 15 and look like this. Whatever happened to awkward stages? Kids nowadays look so grown up! Guess my little sister Tamiko is no different! She came over today to take the hair pretties home for her and my sister Tierzah. She hung out for awhile so I had fun dressing her up in all my nonfriendly to babies and breastfeeding clothes and taking her picture.

Thank you everyone for the sweet comments on facebook. My message box filled up with hair pretty are all too kind! Hair pretties were a nice little distraction from the looming fact my baby is almost 1! Other than that not too sure what will become of them! We are still focusing all manpower over here. In fact we are about to sign a contract and start to work on a new logo for a fabulous local photographer. So excited!

1 comment:

meghan said...

Your sister is gorgeous, you guys look just alike!! & your hair pretties are so so cute!!! I love them!