Wednesday, August 25, 2010

winding down.

Desperately need to get to sleep because we are just hours from when Isaac is going to wake up for round 1... nursing..and then it will be a little break before round be handed over to Billy for a jar of baby food?! He is the funniest 1 year old I know! I really need to wean him from both! Any tips on that would be greatly appreciated!

Today (yesterday technically) we made a little family trip to San Francisco. I would have loved to have gotten to do more shopping, but that was not what this trip was about :) And with all those cute faces I can't complain. They all did very well for it being such a long day...I'm so glad we got to escape once this summer...even if it was just for something so small!

Quick little picture of the boys sitting on the Golden Gate was so hot out there, but it made for a fun memory!


sharonlei said...

Oooo I love SF. I haven't been there since 2003, but that city is a great place. It's so fun, artsy, and eclectic! I wish me and the hubby could move there, but the cost of living is too high. :( hmmm maybe one day!

Tiffany your boys just keep getting cuter and cuter. I also love the pics from your baby bday below. Looks like a great party!

xx Love & Aloha

p.s. Are you still thinking of making your blog private? I really enjoy reading your posts... I hope that doesn't come off as 'creepy'. hee hee. :)

Tiffany said...

You are not even close to being creepy!!! :)
And I too love the city! I wish we could visit more of stay longer!