Thursday, August 12, 2010

little one.

So the day has come and gone...sweet little Isaac turned 1 year old!

Billy went to work super early but it was nice because he was able to skip a lunch and just come home after 8 hours.

We just had a little celebration as a family...I still felt a bit sick but I am so thankful that the worst of it was over with because I just wanted to spend the day snuggling with my baby.

Isaac has been his own person since day 1...he didn't look like anyone and he certainly let us know he had his own agenda from coming 2 weeks early down to his refusal to eat the first 3 days of life and his non stop crying...we'd just never quite met a baby like Isaac!

But I am so thankful for him every single day. We named him Isaac because it meant "filled with laughter" and to say he has filled our lives with joy would just not be doing him justice.

I remember those first few months with him...I'd just lay awake at night at stare at him, taking a million pictures in my mind because I never wanted to forget how sweet and content he looked....or the way he smelled...or the little dinosaur noises he made...

Isaac I love you more than you could know. You are literally an answered prayer...happy first birthday my sweet, sweet son.


sharonlei said...

Awww Tiffany, what a beautiful post to your baby boy. I hope his day was wonderful!!

xx Love & Aloha

meghan said...

Such a big boy!! Happy Birthday to sweet baby Isaac!!!!