Tuesday, July 20, 2010

11 months

So. I figured since I was sick when Isaac turned 11 months old and I never posted anything I should do a quick little update.

At 11 months Isaac...

has 6 teeth
says "no"
shakes his head no
holds up old photo slides to the light and pretends to look at them
makes the cutest pouty face when you tell him "no"
is still nursing...but honestly I am so ready to be back in a normal, non nursing bras!
loves to climb up to the bricks around the wood burning stove
sleeps in his own crib!
loves messing with Billy's guitars
no longer will eat just anything but he is obsessed with trying to get big people food!
likes to growl and laugh at Kramer

SO...boring no? Well, what can I say? All moms find their own babies fascinating and I guess we are no different with how we feel about Isaac. I love him SO much and I can't believe it's almost been 1 whole year since we brought him home!

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aaron and melissa said...

I love hearing about all his little accomplishments. A year goes by too quickly. It is beautifully heartbreaking. I love this photo so much!