Thursday, July 29, 2010

Up late...

...or an I up early? Hmmm.

Printing the last invitation on an order right my evening kind of got off schedule when I had to sit in the ER alone with Isaac for 2 plus hours because Micah decided to stab him in the eye with an Iron Man toy while I was swishing salt water around in the bathroom (yes just another lovely thing I get to do because of the jaw surgery). And Isaac will be fine, thank God.

Don't let those little faces fool you!

Other than that I think I have house fever...the way some people get baby fever, lately I have had homes on the brain. We know eventually we want to build our own home with a decent sized design studio and I am just dying for that day to come! Don't get me wrong...I am so grateful to have a roof over my head and I am trying to be a good steward with the home God has given us now...but that doesn't mean I can't dream a little right?

So. A few pictures I have been saving up for inspiration...

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