Saturday, July 10, 2010

sick :(

spent all day yesterday throwing up and am finally entering recovery mode. Seriously. Not sure if there is anything worse than the stomach flu plus 3 kiddos to look after.

Thank God we are at the end of it...just wish I could shake this yucky feeling and throbbing headache! :( Luckily my mom kept the boys for a few hours yesterday because I had really reached a low point bawling my eyes out while trying to nurse Isaac and not throw up on him all at the same time.

Not my most glamourous moment, for sure!

Today Billy and I are feeling much better and Micah bounced back like nothing. Lucky! I can't wait to be back to normal just to catch up on housework alone. It's amazing what one day out can do to your home!

Sorry I didn't have anything more exciting to blog!!!

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aaron and melissa said...

Oh no!! Our internet has been down since we are working on our floors and I had no idea you were so sick. I am so sorry, there is nothing worse that being sick and trying to take care of your babies. I hope you feel 100% soon!