Thursday, July 29, 2010

Birthday Month...

in just 2 days we will be in August...Isaac's birthday month! Where has the time gone? I couldn't even begin to tell you what a blessing Isaac has been to us. In fact...I don't even think I will try to articulate those feelings because they are just too big for words to convey them.

BUT I will talk about birthday presents. Because I LOVE shopping for my boys and shopping doesn't make me get all sentimental and want to cry like thinking about Isaac turning 1 does! For Isaac's first birthday I wanted to get him special gifts that I felt would grow with him. So I might have went a little nuts shopping for everything...I think I will have to write a couple posts to cover it all, but I will start with one of our favorite activities: reading!

If Isaac is going to make it in this family he is just going to have to be a reader. :) We ALL love to read here, it is one of the things I first loved about Billy; having someone to geek out with me at Barnes & Nobles and I am happy to see that love passed down onto Colby and Micah who have quite the library collection.

Isaac doesn't own too many books so I decided his birthday would be a great excuse to expose him to the wonderful world of reading and art! Children's books have the best illustrations.

I purchased all of the books from Amazon, they never let me down!

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aaron and melissa said...

I love that you geek out!! Aaron has never read a book in his life that he wasn't required to read, but I read at night and he likes it. I think he thinks it makes me smarter than it does.

I love to read, and I love reading to Stevie. And I think that you picked the perfect gifts for Isaac!! Happy Birthday Month beautiful boy!!